FAQs – General

Will the pupils continue to be included in the project throughout its duration?

Yes, we will continue to engage with pupils throughout the entire project.

How will the children get to school; concerns that two schools will now be travelling to one Hub, has this been considered?

Local pupils will be encouraged to walk to school as per the council’s Active Travel policies. Active Travel routes may be upgraded as part of the project in the wider Orbiston area. The appropriate number of car parking spaces for the new facility will be determined by the council, design team and the Roads Department.

What will happen to the play area at Liberty Road?

This area is under consideration for site selection. If this area is selected to be built on, then the play park will be relocated by the council to another section of green space nearby.

What will happen to the land that is not developed as part of the Hub?

Once outdoor sports provision, playground spaces and car parking are considered, the Education Service will declare the remaining land surplus. This will then be offered to other departments in the council and could be social housing or green spaces, or indeed could be sold. This is standard practice for all surplus land and there is a clear process the council will follow in this regard.

Is the bing included in the proposals?

No, the bing is not currently part of the Community Hub Project. Large redevelopment projects such as allotments and removal of the bing needs to be tabled by the community through other avenues to be considered by the Local Authority.

We have concerns over the construction of the new hub with traffic, noise and dust, how will this be managed?

All concerns relating to traffic increase, vermin and construction noise will be given due consideration and when appointed, the contractor will provide full method statements and construction traffic plans which will look to minimise any disruption to the local area.

Is the YMCA involved in the build?

NLC have had several discussions with the YMCA. The final decision is still to be confirmed.

Is the Joe McKay Centre moving to the new Hub?

The Joe McKay centre will close and move within the new Orbiston Community Hub.

Is there any plan to include local groups such as the Scouts or even Strathclyde Park Rangers?

Yes, the project team is keen to engage with any local groups who might benefit from inclusion in the new Hub as part of these engagement sessions.

Will the school be air conditioned?

There is a possibility of mechanical ventilation but as a design team it is important to co-ordinate different elements such as windows sizes/locations that can affect heating and cooling in winter and summer in more efficient ways.

Will the new school feature solar panels?

We will consider solar panels as part of the detailed design proposals and if they are required, they will be incorporated into the design.

Why are all the consultations online? There are elderly residents that cannot access this type of platform.

Face-to-face sessions would be our preference as they are much more interactive and natural, however Covid restrictions mean that this is currently not possible. We will continue to engage with all staff, pupils and community members throughout the pre-construction process and arrange for these to be in person when restrictions are lifted.

FAQs – Learning Spaces

Will class sizes expand?

The design of the proposed class bases considers and reviews the catchment area as well as the school roll projection for the long term.

Concerns that open plan classrooms would lead to noise levels and disruption making ‘quiet working’ in other areas impossible.

The current design will have rooms wilth four walls. One wall will be a glazed screen with an opening the size of a door to allow the teacher to observe the pupils in the activity areas.

Will there be a dedicated computer room?

IT use will be enabled across the building, not just in a single room. This will allow all areas of the curriculum to benefit from the use of IT.

Will a dedicated sensory room be retained for each school?

A Family Zone (nurture area) will be provided but not necessarily a dedicated sensory area. There will be opportunities for existing sensory room equipment to be brought along from the old school.

Will there be a learning kitchen for pupils to use?

Yes, a demonstration kitchen will be provided.

Will there be opportunities for outdoor learning for pupils including sheltered areas so they can be used all year round?

A variety of different soft and hard landscaping play areas will be proposed. The current designs for schools look at a variety of external teaching and play spaces such as growing areas/wild landscaping/forest areas which may include a mixture of covered spaces.

Separate games and dining halls are needed, and both should be able to be used concurrently.

A separate Gym Hall and Dining Hall will be provided in the new hub. The Gym hall and outdoor learning spaces will also be able to be used concurrently for different uses. The Dining Hall will be sized to allow pupils to eat in two sittings.

How will shared facilities be timetabled to ensure all pupils get their fair share?

This will be timetabled by senior management.

Will the sports facilities be only for football or will other sports be catered for? Why do you plan to use artificial surfaces instead of real grass for sports facilities?

A dedicated 3G football pitch will be provided, this is specified by Sports Scotland guidance and community requirements within the area, however other sports will be considered as part of the wider offering. Artificial 3G surface is specified as it can be used throughout the year which unfortunately regular grass cannot.

Will there be any additional facilities offered in the hub, like a swimming pool or health centre?

The project brief is now fixed with no ability to add in a swimming pool or a doctor’s surgery. Discussions were held with service providers prior to the project inception to gauge appetite for partnerships within the hub.

Will the Hub provide accessible changing areas?

Yes, the hub will be accessible to all. We will be providing a registered changing places facility as well as accessible toilets and changing provision throughout the hub.

Will café facilities be included in the Hub; this would be desired to allow the elderly in the community space to enjoy the facility?

This is something we hope to incorporate into the design.

Will media facilities and terraced seating be provided that allow films, shows etc that could be used by local community groups?

This is something that we hope to incorporate into the design of the “Drama Pod” stage area. This will be used prominently by the school during the day but available to the community in the evenings and weekends.